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 Hi Everyone , how is everyone doing? I have a question about oils and wanted to ask if  its ok to use aromatherapy grade organic oils for henna body art?

I appreciate all replies.

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The word "organic" is sometimes useless. It is often applied to products that wouldn't every be associated with pesticides or fertilizers anyway. For example "wild crafted" and "organic" shouldn't appear on the same label or product description. Products with only inert mineral ingredients should not be labeled "organic." While the term is often abused or meaningless, it never hurts. Organic REALLY just means grown without fertilizers or pesticides. That's all.

"Aromatherapy grade" can be trickier. It can mean two things. First it should mean that the oils are steam distilled or created by some other method that does not leave chemical solvents left behind in the product. That, of course is good! Other terms will clue you in to this as well. "Grade A," "therapeutic grade," or "pharmaceutical grade," are helpful, but its important to note that these are fuzzy industry standards and are not regulated or certified by any organization. The second thing aromatherapy grade CAN mean is that it is PREPARED for use in aromatherapy, or diluted with another oil such as grape seed or jojoba. THIS is NOT good for use in henna. Its not always the case. Just sometimes. Read labels and ask questions. Make sure your "terps" are UNDILUTED or you're going to goof up your paste.

I hope that helps!
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