Techniques of Body - sleeping

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Techniques of Body - sleeping
In 1934 French sociologist (and multi-talented man in many ways) Marcel Mauss held a lecture about human behaviour as learned use of a body and stated something very new for that time thinking - there is no such thing as natural behaviour. Which has lead to conclusion that there is also no such thing as natural body.
If you feel interested in M.Mauss's speech (easy-read, with lovely notions and remarks) you can find it as article from here, free and full-text:

One of the techniques he mentions is sleeping.
Have you ever wondered how you sleep? Why you sleep like this? Why we courage our kids to take their daily-nap and in the countries where there is no siesta-culture make adults who would love to take their daily nap feel quilty for wasted time? And later we feel rather forgiving to elder for their daily-nap love.

Here is interesting article about different types of sleeping:

I have grown up in a culture that strongly stressed monophasic cycle. And for me this article was quite revealing, I don't feel quilty for my afternoon naps anymore. I am just not monophasic. :)

And some postings ago I linked and article about sleeping in some centuries ago ( got original article from CCJ's FB wall)