Really Old Henna?

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Really Old Henna?


I have a really old (dye-released) batch of henna in my fridge that never made it to the freezer. It must be a few months old by now, at least - I know, I know, I'm terrible! I just haven't been able to bring myself to throwing it away. Do you think it is still good for hair use as a protein treatment?

I am not looking for additional color, just something to give my hair a healthy boost. If you steer me away from my old henna, I will use a cassia treatment.




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Re: Really Old Henna?
The benefits of henna come from the dye and while henna ACTS similar to a protein treatment, it isn't one. Unfortunately, that henna is well beyond any sort of use besides maybe practicing body art designs.
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Re: Really Old Henna?
I'd pitch it. Even to practice body art this is probably no good. Paste tends to get sort of tar-like and uncooperative at this stage of demise and won't be very helpful in training you for the real thing.
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