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Advanced style
Ari Cohen's Advanced Style blog was probably, if not the first, then one of the first sights to old women. Super stylish. And, quoting one of them, mostly in the age: between 50 and death.
Here is  the blog (Thanks, CCJ sharing it once on your wall, it has become one of my faves):

Later Ari made a movie about the. Here is the trailer:
If you feel like meeting more these ladies, here is Ari's channel at YT:

And recently BBC4 showed a documentary at Fabulous Fashionistas about 6 stylish old unconventional women. The documentary is quite lovely but there are many points where I do agree with Michele Hanson who points out what the film-makers actually did not got - it's not that much about the age, it's about the personality and having style.
Here is the article with in-linked documentary:
And here is Michele's comment:

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Re: Advanced style
Awesome article! I agree, regardless of age fashion is all about personality and style :))
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Re: Advanced style
This is wonderful!
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