Do I *have* to use shampoo after indigo?

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Do I *have* to use shampoo after indigo?
I don't normally use shampoo and conditioner on my hair, but do you think I should after indigo in case it remains in there and dries my hair out? I think my back is a tiny bit blue so the dye must still be coming out when I wash my hair with water in the shower every day. Thanks!
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Re: Do I *have* to use shampoo after indigo?
We actually recommend *against* shampoo for the first 48 hours to prevent fading. Use conditioner to get the residue out.
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Re: Do I *have* to use shampoo after indigo?
Indigo is pretty thick stuff.  It's going to take some effort to get it all the residue out of your hair.

BTW, the last of the blue that comes off on your skin is called "crocking."  It happens with brand new blue jeans and sarongs too for the first several washings.  It's oxidized indigo molecules coming off if they didn't bind to the fiber.  
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