darker than I like

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darker than I like
I have been using henna for about 2 years. The color I get is much darker than when started. What can I do to get the red back rather than the dark auburn?
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Re: darker than I like

If you're applying all over every time, that would explain why. Henna builds up in layers and will get darker each time. You'll want to apply to just your roots and nothing else from now on. For the length, you could lighten it to remove some of the henna.

It could also be hard water build up - using a product like mehandi.com's Rainwash or Crystal Ion Clarifying treatment that you'd get at a beauty supply store might help. They remove the mineral build up cause by hard water.

Have you changed the henna you use or how long you're leaving it on? Stronger hennas or leaving it on longer would also have an effect on the color.

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Re: darker than I like
It's quite difficult to get lighter again - though some people  have luck with honey and water, or honey, cinnamon, and water.  ACWN makes good points about the possibility of build up. 

You could start using a lighter henna for your roots while you work at lightening up the rest of your hair.  That said, it is notoriously difficult to lift henna, so if the natural ways don't work you will either need to use a chemical lifter or wait for it to grow out and start using something a bit lighter for your roots for the time being.
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