Continuous glosses

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Continuous glosses
I'm wondering what the results would be like to do henna glosses every few weeks or so to the whole head in perpetuity. My assumption is that (on darker blonde hair) it would slowly get darker on the length and it would create a kind of reverse ombre effect with gradually lighter roots as the roots closest to my scalp would only have 1 gloss, then below it would have 2, then 3, etc.. If anyone's done this before I'd love to see pics of how well the roots would blend into each other, but it seems like this would be definitely the lowest maintenance method for me. How dark would my length theoretically get, if I made sure to only use a very small concentration of henna each time?

Also, I have virgin hair on the top half of my hair but I dabbled briefly in the peroxide "lightening sprays" last year so the bottom half of my hair is a lighter blonde. So I'm potentially looking at a regular ombre with a reverse ombre on top; how terrible might this look?
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Re: Continuous glosses
You are absolutely correct. If you do the glosses instead of full head applications the henna will probably blend a bit better and look more natural.  Not sure if Mehandi has photos of this, but we'd love to see yours! =)

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