Neutralizing yellow-orange undertones

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Neutralizing yellow-orange undertones
Hi all, first post :) I have medium brown hair that gets some gold highlights naturally in the summer. However I am very pale and any yellow tone does not work with my complexion! It just makes me look sallow. I've only ever colored my hair with Henna, twice. Both times I used mixes I purchased from Henna King. The first time, I mistakenly used a dark brown mix and didn't like the way it looked, so I tried the vitamin C trick - saturated my hair in shampoo with handfuls of vitamin C powder mixed in for an hour or two. This worked really well in stripping off the "dark" (the indigo?) and after a few rounds my hair was a beautiful natural looking auburn, which was just perfect! After that hair grew out I tried again with a Henna King mix, this time the light brown mix, hoping to get the same effect. It went on way too strong and dark in just one hour and again I had to strip it off. I'd like to try to mix my own henna the next time around. What I'm looking for in terms of color is to tone down the yellows/oranges and add some natural looking red, ideally without darkening too much. Also, my hair is naturally slightly wavy, and it seems the henna treatments relaxed the waves. I'm not sure which component does that, but ideally I would like to keep my waves! So if I think about color theory I'd say I need some indigo because violet neutralizes yellow, but I'm worried because it seems to go on SO strong on my hair, and has that flattening effect. We do have hard water here (Israel) but I usually do a rinse with apple cider vinegar once a week and that seems to take care of it. My hair is very healthy. Thanks in advance for any pointers!
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Re: Neutralizing yellow-orange undertones
Hello there! i suggest to try a mix of 4 parts henna, 1 part indigo and 1 part amla. the amla will dye release the henna, produce a cooler tone, and help maintain your waves.
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