Henna Hair Gloss?

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Henna Hair Gloss?
I henna-ed my hair about a month and a half ago, and I have a little henna left over, I have heard people doing henna glosses, Since I hennaed over my chemically dyed hair, I have really orangy red hair with dark dark roots, which looks bad :( , So I want to even out my hair, should I do a root touch up or just do my whole head, or everything but the roots for a henna gloss? and how long should I leave it in for? My original henna hair I left it in for 8 hours, but I like the orangy tone I have I dont want it to go too dark, just dark enough so it blends with my roots. SO basically I have really dark roots and I dont want to make them darker, I have really light red hair right now...I only have a little bit of henna left that I freezed from my last application, so I thought a gloss would even it out. What should I do? Also, can I use Suave coconut conditioner in the gloss?
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Re: Henna Hair Gloss?

The point of a gloss is to dilute the dye for only a little bit of color. If you're wanting to even your color out, a gloss wouldn't be the way to go.

When I was more or less in your place, what I did was I did my roots.. let them oxidize to their final color and then began to do repeat applications on my previously bleached length until my length matched my roots as closely as possible. Its easier to judge that way, I think. So you could do something similar and just stop when you're happy with the results - though you might wanna give it a few days in between each application to settle a bit.

And then from that point on, do just your roots... unless you decide you wanna even your color out more later on down the line.

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