How to restore curl after henna

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How to restore curl after henna
I henna'd my hair while I was pregnant and my little of bit of waviness that I managed to FINALLY get my hair to do went away. I thought it was just hormones and then read about how henna can relax curl. I've read that amla can help curl, but what will happen if I use it? If I just use the amla on my already henna'd hair, will it change the color?  will it make a difference to my curl? How do I proceed in the future with coloring my hair? I love my color, just frustrated with my hair because I can't get it to do anything now
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Re: How to restore curl after henna

Amla doesn't have a dye of its own, so it shouldn't effect your color but there have been a few reports of it creating slightly ashy tones to the hair. Its usually very subtle and should fade in time.

You can mix and apply the amla, then after you wash it from your hair.. you can twist your hair up into rag curls or a few braids and let it dry that way to add more definition to your hair. In this way, it sortve acts like a temporary natural perm. And you can redo it as needed/wanted.


From now on, you can mix amla into your henna and use it as your acid. 25g amla per 100g henna, use distilled water and let sit about 12 hours. Amla is acidic, no extra acid required! It'll tone down some of the more orange tones of henna (a little) and help keep your wave in place.

Also, you'll definitely only want to do roots only if you haven't been. As henna builds up, it'll make the hair heavier.

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