Bright Bright Orange

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Bright Bright Orange
I have been using Henna for 2 years.  I did not listen and only do my roots and got to the burgandy color.  I decided to lighten by using powdered bleach from Sally's along with 20vol developer.  I was wanting it back to being the lighter red color I had started with.   I left it on and my roots went white and the rest was orange.  I then put Twighlight Henna from the site over it (mixture was water, lemon and henna) and left for 5 hours. 

My hair is a nice bright orange.   I am used to oxidation but it has never been this bright before.  Will it oxidize or should I  put another batch on it?  Thanks for your help!  *yes I should have done a strip test before doing all of this*

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Re: Bright Bright Orange

It will oxidize, but its gonna go to a copper penny sortve color. Henna on bleached hair tends to stay pretty orange, even with repeated applications - speaking from personal experience.

I used to apply to bleached hair for that exact color you have now, but got tired of having to bleach my roots every time I wanted to apply, so I started applying to my natural color and had to darken the rest of my color to match. Several back to back applications later, my color maxed out at a medium-dark auburn (saturate point is different for chemically damaged hair) and still had visibly orange tones to it.. .mostly burnt orange, but orange all the same.

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