Going from henna orange/red to brown?

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Going from henna orange/red to brown?
Is this possible? I received my indigo and Rajasthani Twilight yesterday and I don't really know where to start... I did talk to the Mehandi live chat but I don't think they were taking into account my roots when they gave me advice. I have henna'd twice with the Mountain Rose Herbs mix (which wasn't staying in my roots well at all) resulting in an auburn color the first time and a little bit darker with cooler tones in some areas because I added amla to the mix the second time, but it washed out pretty quickly and I have some orange around my temples (too bright). I want to go more the brunette direction now with less orange tones... I don't want to go much darker though I could go a little darker if it would help me get more brown tones. Has anyone succeeded going more brunette? Also, my roots are a very light brown so I will need to figure out what combination I need to get it to a similar color as my length. If I use pure henna alone I know it will be orange. I could go more of a brown on my roots and then do an indigo or henndigo gloss on my length? Help! I did two strand tests on the ends of my hair, one with (overnight dye-released) henna and amla, and one with a very small amount of indigo and the henna/amla. I left them on for an hour (which was recommended because I already have some henna on my head). I know I need to let them oxidize but I don't see much of a difference yet. This gives you an idea of what I'm working with... http://www.flickr.com/photos/ladylindz What I want is something that doesn't glow fluorescent orange in the sun.
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Re: Going from henna orange/red to brown?

Unfortunately, plant dyes build up in layers so any color you add to your hair now WILL darken it - how much depends on what you use and how long.

If you want really BROWN brown, you're gonna want a 50/50 mix of pure henna and pure indigo. This hennigo by itself typically produces a warmer milk chocolate sortve color on white hair. With amla, this same mix will produce a cooler dark chocolate sortve color.

I would strand test a 50/50 mix for about 2 hours. I would also try a mix of 75% henna to 25% indigo for about 2 hours. For a strand test, I believe that would be 3/4ths tablespoon henna and 1/4th tablespoon indigo. You MIGHT also consider strand testing pure henna that is a high dye content (like Raj. Twilight) for 4 - 5 hours. Its initially orange, but I think you might be surprised how much it will deepen for you. I don't think it will flare as orange.


I know strand testing the color on your roots would be tricky to do, but I think the henna heavy mix for two hours would be the route to go for your roots then a brief gloss on your length to brown down the orange tones in your length.


Side note: Remember that you need to cover the samples (plant dyes wont do their thing if they dry out) and keep them on your person to mimic body heat to get true results. Its better to use hair from your hair brush or snipped from a place where no one will see because you can stick them in ziplocks, suck the air out and put it in your pocket. Remember to label the tests so you can tell which is which.

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