Newbie w/ great results

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Newbie w/ great results
As a newbie, I wanted to share a good experience with henna.

My hair is naturally medium brown, curly, thick, and long. It was dyed red, faded, and frizzy.

I prepared 400 grams of Ancient Sunrise Twilight with apple juice (maybe a quart and a half overall) and some powdered clove and cinnamon to improve the smell. It sat out for more than the suggested 12 hours without any problem, but your results may vary. The temperature of the room may be a factor. I applied over clean, conditioned, dry hair. I ended up using about half of what I prepared. I froze the remainder of the henna mixture for later use. The henna remained in my hair for over 6 hours. The combination of henna, apple, cinnamon and clove smelled gorgeous, and lingered for a day afterward. I shampooed and conditioned after rinsing out the henna. Some henna remained in my hair, and I used conditioner the following day to help rinse it out.

The resulting color is a vibrant red on the previously dyed/damaged hair, and glossy dark red/auburn closer to my scalp. It looks great. The frizziness is reduced. For now, my curl seems to be intact.

Overall--very satisfied. I don't think I will go back to commercial dye as long as pure henna is available.
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Re: Newbie w/ great results
That's great! Thank you for sharing :)
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