Going Pure Black... help? (herded off old HP forum for Henna and her daughters)

My henna is mixed waiting til tomorrow when I'll use it, then follow with indigo over top. I am excited about going black, as I've always coveted black hair and I'm thrilled to have indigo to use so I don't damage my hair.

I'm a natural redhead, was carroty orange as a child, but at 38 my natural color is now a dull light brown with a few gold/red streaks in it. Medium brown with some highlights is how I'd describe my natural color.

It's been henna'd auburn for a few years. I really want to try black. Do I need salt in the indigo? Some say it sets your black? Do I need to mix and use immediately or wait 30 minutes. Reports on indigo conflict.

If I hate it and it's too harsh on me (if it even goes the deep black I think I desire) and I want to bleach it out and goes blue/green from the bleach, can I then henna over it back to some semblance of red?

Has anyone gone indigo black and found it too harsh for thier skin tone? Does this happen?

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Salt helps, but amla helps even more. It doesnt sound like you have any, but thats okay. Its probably more likely to fade on you the first time, so be aware of that.

Mix and use right away. Do NOT wait.

If as soon as you rinse it out you find that you hate it, jump back into the shower and start washing your hair with baking soda. Do it several times. This will help pull out some of the indigo and should induce fading.

Try this before bleach. I havent heard many/any success stories of the green being covered, but you can try.


Can I make a suggestion? Put your henna in the fridge and go find a cheap(ish) black wig. Put it on and wear it for a while. For a day or two. Surprise a few friends or relatives and ask them for their honest opinion - be sure to ask those who will tell you like it is, even if it hurts a little. Be sure to look at yourself often in a mirror.

That way you will know what you look like with black hair with out risking green or being stuck with it.

I think trying a wig might be a good idea too. Taking color out of your henna and indigo-ed black hair is almost certain to be a big fat fail. Sorry. :(

Very true ... never count on being able to "go back" from black. I have never heard a success story. I have heard from at least one person who ended up with green and couldn't cover it even with more henna.

... and now for unsolicited advice: If you are a natural born redhead, my guess is it's unlikely you'd look good with black hair, unless goth is your style.

Ooooh, yeah. I didnt even think about that! I've got a natural redhead complexion (being that I am a natural redhead, lol), and having black hair would make me look sickly. I imagine that if your complexion is similiar to mine - pale/fair, somewhat pinkish with a little yellow, black hair will bring out the yellow in your skin or make you look extremely pale.


Definitely go for a cheap wig. Better to spend $20 or so than to be stuck with it and look like the undead.