Went from "too hot" to now too black -- help please

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Went from "too hot" to now too black -- help please

Hello. I love my hair now that I have been using Twilight Henna on it. However, I did use it two days ago and it came about a bit too "hot" at the roots.

Today I used Indigo on it, left it on for about an hour and now it is too "black". What can I do to tone down the darkness? Would it be best to wait until it grows out a bit, or be patient for a few days, or what?

I love the Twilight Henna, but want to use it with some indigo to make it more dark auburn, and less coppery.

Any suggestions I can get will be much appreciated. Thanks!


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Re: Went from "too hot" to now too black -- help please
Hi Diane! A true auburn mix is 4 parts henna, 1 part indigo. As far as your black roots.. you really shouldn't do a two-step process unless you want black. You will either have to grow it out or deepen the rest of your hair to match a little better. You can use dish-soap to try and get the indigo out, but once it's in your hair, it is very difficult to get out. If you try to lighten it, it may lighten to a bluish green color.
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