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Hi, is there anyplace I can get henna in bulk? I really love mehandis services but I get so little for a fortune. Ive heard of people doing the treatments once a week with BAQ but im wondering were they get it.
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Re: Bulk

You get what you pay for with henna. If the price is cheap, the henna is cheap and cheap is not a good thing with henna. Mehandi.com's henna is lab tested, and that in of itself is expensive. The prices are what they are to help cover that as well as reflecting the strength of the henna. For example, Twilight is more expensive than Jasmine because Twilight has more lawsone.

I get my henna in bulk from mehandi.com. I last ordered 1000g of Punjabi Prime from them while they still had it (which was back in Nov of '12, I think) and still have 500g of it in the freezer in powder. The powder lasts forever when its kept frozen. And when I finally run out, I'll be grabbing 1000g of Jasmine to replace it.


You can call mehandi.com or chat with them and see about adjusting the shipping rates, PayPal tends to make it more expensive.

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Re: Bulk
When you buy in bulk---

1) Instead of paying shipping different times, you pay shipping once every so often instead of every month or two months

2) Buying in bulk is less expensive in the long run

3) If you store your henna properly, it can last awhile =]

4) You ALWAYS have your henna when you need it!! You won't have to wait for it to ship, because you bought a large quantity!

Our products at Mehandi.com are awesome, pure, and 100% what you want with no additives.  You should give us a call and we can set up an order and let you know about the prices and shipping!!

=] Have a great day!

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