how long does Henna last on hair

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how long does Henna last on hair
Hello; I will soon be using Henna on my hair. I am allergic to chemical hair dye and can no longer use it. Can anyone tell me how long Henna lasts on hair? I have dark brown/soft black hair with about 30% gray, and I was instructed by the Mehandi rep. that I should use 100g Henna and 100g Indigo, which will darken my dark hair and make my gray hair a medium brown. I am just wondering if I can expect the Henna to last on my hair. Right now I am using a semi-permanent color, which pretty much washes out everyday so I have to color my hair every other day to cover my gray hair. How long would you recommend that I leave Henna & Indigo on to get the best gray coverage? Thanks for any help you can offer.. Marcie
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Re: how long does Henna last on hair

Henna is permanent. And when we say permanent, we don't mean chemical dye "permanent". We mean its going to be there until its cut off.

Indigo can sometimes be a bit temperamental and may fade, but its often best to expect it to be as permanent as henna. However, if you do have issues with fading, we can usually troubleshoot them and get the indigo to stick more permanently.


Here on the forum, we have found that longer applications often work better for gray. Especially stubborn gray, so an application time of 5 - 6 hours is probably best.

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