Mehandi Shop switching to Ancient sunrise?

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Mehandi Shop switching to Ancient sunrise?

I am a henna lover, ex blonde, and love, love, love your site. You all have been with me, and my two girlfriends through each step of turning red and loving it!! I'll never go back!

I noticed that the Mehandi Shop seems to be switching from the packaged 100 gm henna, more to a "boxed" Ancient Sunrise henna

Are you still planning on offering the option of 100 gm bags in all henna varieties?



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Re: Mehandi Shop switching to Ancient sunrise?

The 100g size is there in virtually every henna!  The bags are now in boxes.  They stack neater on a shelf, and with our new stores and busy packing and shipping room, stackable volume with good shelf presentation is important!

Ancient Sunrise is a trademarkable, mehandi is not. So we trademarked it. As we grow, this is important.  We're not buying FROM Ancient Sunrise ... we ARE Ancient Sunrise. We're not switching.  We're growing!   We plan to be THE henna brand with laboratory tested, certified lawsone content.

Here's why we're doing it:

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