Anyone used catechu aka cutch?

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Anyone used catechu aka cutch?
As mentioned at "Catechu, Ourouparia gambir and Acacia catechu Catechu is from two different species, Ourouparia gambir and Acacia Catechu. Ourouparia gambir makes a yellow dye, and Acacia catechu makes a dark brown dye. These are tannin dyes. Extracted tannins from these dye plants are added to henna to create other various shades of henna, blondes, browns, and dark browns." Summary of what I learned from other sites: -poor dye release unless you do something different than usual ways we mix henna, indigo, amla, cassia... -light brown when mixed with alum e.g. pickling powder, but I avoid aluminum and hope for medium-dark hues anyway -brick/dark copper color using iron powder which I also don't want to use but one forum posting indicates some people just mix in an iron pot and wait maybe 12-24 hours for dye release. I might be OK with iron pot and brick color -some uncertainty about safety, but used traditionally as a medicinal -food grade acacia catechu is available and may be in in at least a few US grocery stores. Though I'd still prefer certified/tested.