How often do you apply henna to the entire length of your hair?

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How often do you apply henna to the entire length of your hair?
Hello everyone!

I have been using henna on my hair for nearly two decades now. Every time I have stopped using henna its because my color turned darker then I wanted..(.that is probably because I did whole head treatments every three months!)

Last summer I went back to henna (again!), lightly bleaching my hair before applying. I got a lovely BRIGHT Lucille Ball orange-red. I touch up roots by bleaching and applying and then run a gloss through the length. After a year though, the ends, and the color overall, is looking not as vibrant.

Curious how often do you apply a whole head treatment? Wondering if I am just not leaving the gloss on long enough to deposit a richer color?

Lastly, I would like to go a tad darker...from orange to copper red. Should I just do a full head and leave on longer then usual (which is only an hour)?

A little nervous to go darker as its so hard to go back! I would post pics but I dont know how!
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Re: How often do you apply henna to the entire length of ...
You only need to do a full head treatment if you want to go darker in color. For a copper color, you could use our Monsoon henna and leave on your head for 3 hours. If you just want to do Cassia on your ends to refresh the color without deepening it, that may be a good option for you. You can do a Cassia treatment every month if need be :)
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Root Touch Ups

Here’s how I have learned to do my roots; Do everything just like when you did the whole entire head but only on the roots. But now that I have more grays I do have to do 1 more step after that and after I rinse I then apply 50% henna and 50% indigo to my orange roots ONLY for 20 to 30 min. I do 25 min. And they match beautifully. I was very worried about doing this the first time so I did a test spot and it worked. I learned of this from Gallimaufry Grove. I had stopped doing henna several times because when it was time to redo the roots I could never get them to match, but this is a no fail system. 

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