2.5yr Henna User Needing Advice!

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2.5yr Henna User Needing Advice!

I've used henna on my hair for 2.5 years. My natural hair color was a coppery-auburn until I hit my mid twenties, when it became much more brown. So I turned to henna. I've exclusively used Rajasthani Twilight with the occasional straight cassia obovata gloss and once did a cassia obovata "dye". 

I really only do root touch ups every 5-6 months (I'm lazy!). I recently did my roots and followed the same method I always have. I mix my henna with apple juice and let it sit for at least 12hrs before using it. Then I let it sit on my hair for 3 hours. I've always LOVED the outcome!

My issue is that recently, the length on my hair seems to be duller and less red. I'm hesitant to put any more henna on it, because I don't want to darken it. As I said, I just did my roots and they're pretty red- which will chill out in a day or two. But why is there such a contrast to my old hennaed hair? It seems like the length that I have, that was originally hennaed 2 years ago, is fading. But I thought henna was permanent and didn't fade...?

Any advice would be appreciated! I'm considering putting a cassia gloss or a cassia dye over all of it to see if it will become more vibrant. I realize that the cassia over the henna won't lighten anything, and that's fine. I'm just wondering how I can get more overall consistency. 

Thanks for any thoughts or tips!

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Good evening!

Good evening!

Crops change as time goes on.  One crop of henna may have a deeper red than anther, even if they test out to be the same lawesone content.  Also, it depends on what is in your water and shampoo and conditioner.  Henna is permenant, but can become dull over time if you are using shampoos and conditioners with sulfates or heavy oils, or if your water is causing build up or if products are causing build up.  Rainwash helps.  I would follow the rainwash with a shampoo and a henna gloss.  You would mix henna paste that has already sat out 8-12 hours, with 1/2 cup of condtioner and leave on for 20 minutes.

Here is a link for the rainwash: http://www.mehandi.com/shop/rainwash/index.html

Cassia can also help, but the henna gloss may be a better solution for adding some life to your locks.

I hope this helps!



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