Alternative to ACV

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Alternative to ACV

I've been hendigo-ing for about a year and have always mixed my henna with ACV. I recently moved to Ecuador and haven't been able to find ACV, so I started to mix the henna with tea (cherry, I think). Dye release with the tea only takes a few hours compaired to the 8 or more needed for the ACV to work. However, the last two times I hendigoed, my roots are mostly red, not dark, dark brown like when I was back home using ACV. I'm wondering if the tea is causing the difference in color? Lemon juice is also unavailable here, so I can't use that. Lime juice is, though, and also lots of other vinegars. Can I just use any type of vinegar?

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Vinegar is good to use, as

Vinegar is good to use, as long as you don't mind the smell.  You may notice similar results that you were getting with the apple cider vinegar. 

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