Newish to Henna/Cassia - Need some advice

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Newish to Henna/Cassia - Need some advice

Hi there! About 5 years ago I purchased some Punjabi Prime Henna and loved how healthy and pretty it made my hair.  Unfortunately I did too many full head applications and it became burgundy, so I let it grow out and went back to chemical dyes.  I'm ready to go back to Henna again with more knowledge. My hair is medium/dark reddish/golden brown with about 35% gray.  I know I won't be able to achieve the beautiful tangerine color I get with chemical dye (maybe when I'm 100% gray), but would like to have it as close as I can to that hue - I don't like the burgundy hues.  After doing TONS of research on your forum, I'm thinking of the following action plan and would love for some advice if I'm on the right track.  70/30 Cassia/Jasmine Henna using cranberry juice as the acid. I thought about doing a gloss with conditioner, but I think my hair really needs the health benefits of Cassia and I'm afraid to start out with 100% henna because of how dark the PP went (my fault).  I can always increase the amount of Henna, but I can't take it away! I plan to dye release both separate since I haven't used Cassia before and I want to make sure the Henna has a full dye release.  I also understand that once my chemicaly colored hair grows out, I will have have a darker color when my natural color grows in. I never thought I would say this.... but I think I'll be happy when I'm 100% gray and make a very bright color. :) 

My natural color (but add about 35% gray)

My current chemical color (for the first week until it fades):

My skin tone is very pale and I have very bright blue eyes, the same color as the second picture.

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I think that mixture would be

I think that mixture would be a great starting place!  Jasmine itself is naturally coppery, so even though your hair is a little darker naturally, your grays will still probably have a nice tangerine look =]

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