Does Henna darken with each use?

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Does Henna darken with each use?

I'm still very new at all this!    My hair has previously highlighted streaks that were highlighted to a light red (not blonde), the rest of my hair a medium reddish brown.  The henna took to my hair great, though I can see the difference in lightness where the highlighted streaks had been done.  I'm unsure whether to use some indigo in the mix to even everything out or if I keep using straight henna will it darken the highlighted areas?  I don't want to tamper with the color too much because the henna looks great on the unhighlighed hair.  Anyone have any advice?

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Henna gets darker with each

Henna gets darker with each application, however it will darken the hilighted areas as well as the rest of the hair.  It will hold on to the dimention, but because it is transluscent it can help blend.  You are also able to henna over just the hilighted areas if you would like.  If you use indigo, strand test first that way you know if you like the color =]

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