Henna and White Vinegar ?

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Henna and White Vinegar ?

Hello all, 

I wouldnt consider myself new to henna, however, read somewhere online that rinsing the henna off with white vinegar and water helps with setting the color, tried it and was massively dissapointed, the color almost didn't show at all. Wanted to know if thats a hoax or if the Henna i used wasn't that great? 

Another thing, I have dark brown hair and have been using henna monthly for around 3 months now, I'm still not happy with the color and would like to be more on the RED side, what additives could I use ? I've been mixing hibiscus instead of water but I think the vinegar ruined it :( 

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I have never heard that about

I have never heard that about the vinegar trick...

Henna will not lighten up hair. It is translucent, so it may not be quite as vibrant.  I wouldn't use anything other than an acidic liquid and maybe some cardamom or ginger root powder for the smell. If henna lightens up your hair, it is not true henna.

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