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Hi everyone. I am a new henna user....and what can I say....I'm hooked. I hennaed my hair last weekend. My original color is dark brown almost black. For the past couple of years I have permed it as I just love curls & my hair naturally is dead straight. Plus I put a color through which was a kinda auburn color. Unfortunately, every time I do this I end up with extremely bad, very itchy eczema throughout my head, not to mention that my hair goes like straw......Enough I thought. So into the henna I went. I bought tattoo natural henna from an Indian shop. The first packet I bought has PPD in it, so that got tossed out.

The result is beautiful soft dark auburn hair. And NO ITCHY SCALP. I am so happy. I just mixed it with water. Kept it overnight & then into my hair for about 4 hrs. Now, I have a couple of questions.....

A lot of people on here say they mix it with lemon juice, vinegar etc. WHY??? What difference does it make.??

What does the indigo achieve??? Does that make it go black.??

Also, I have bought a packet of cassia as I hear its a great conditioner. How long after putting henna in do you use cassia.

If, henna does not fade etc, why do you have to keep using henna every month or so....

Lastly, am I right that the longer you leave the henna in, the darker it goes....

Sorry if this is a bit of overload, but I'm so excited about henna, I want to know everything....

​Thanks in advance...



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The reason for an acidic

The reason for an acidic liquid in henna is because this is what activates the dye molecule, lawsone, and allows it to bind to the protein in the hair.  Using just water usally causes it it fade out.

It is up to you. I usually recommend using cassia once you have the color you like on your ends, and you don't want the color to change at all.

People touch up their roots with henna.  If they use it every month, it's a personal preference as to if they do their whole heads or roots.  You don't have to though.

This is true, it needs a few hours to bind to the protein.  It is true though, the longer you leave it in, the deeper the stain will be.  Not an overload at all =]



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