Celebration Henna

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Celebration Henna

Hello All,

I have two unopened boxes of Ancient Sunrise Celebration Henna which I purchased in 2011. I would like to henna my overly bleached yellow blonde hair to a deep, deep auburn. Does anyone know if the henna content degrades after sitting in a closet for a few years?  Or would the lawsone content still be about 3.4%?  My hair is about an inch long, so I'd be able to do multiple treatments if necessary.


Thanks for your help!

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Old henna

It's impossible to tell whether it's still useable - the only way to find out is to test it.  Take a small amount, mix it with acidified water and let it sit.  At about 4 hours sitting, begin to test:

Put a small dot of the mix on the palm of your hand and wait 10 to 20 minutes.  Wash off.  If you have a bright orange dot on your palm, you have henna good to go. The stronger the orange, the stronger the henna release.  If orange, but weak, or if no dot:  

wait another 2 hours and test again with the same mix .  Continue testing up to about 12 -14 hours. 

If no bright orange dots after 12 hours, trash your henna and get new.

Hope this helps

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