henna on hair dyed red

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henna on hair dyed red

I am new to henna. I have been reading up on it like crazy. There are so many different ways to use it that I am frankly overwhelmed and confused. I hope this helps. My hair is naturally light brown, but i have been coloring it for years. The last few years I was bleaching it blonde then on halloween went red. I included a pic. My hair is very dry and damaged.  Also I want a bright natural shiny red head red, i think a coppery/ aburn color. Not too light or orange but not super dark or a fake looking red. I will include pics of what I am going for.

SO my questions are:

1. Since my hair is dry and damaged I have heard that lemon juice is not good, What should I use? I have heard orange juice, cranberry juice, red wine, cocoanut milk, coffee, tea and all kinds of other things.

2. Since my hair is alreaddy red could I just do a hair masque? If so, what would be the best thing to mix with the henna? I have heard cocoa butter, conditioner, cocoanut oil and lots of ther things.

3. if a masque is not the best option should I just use henna or a mix of henna and cassia?

4. On the on henna for hair.com I saw a page that shows peoples personal mixes where they put in thigs like walnut or lavender or oils, What do other ingrediants do? and how do I find out which ones do what?

5. What makes some henna hair look so shiny? Is there a way to boost that with added ingrediants?

Do I apply it to dry or wet hair?

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I dont think the links to my pics are working, I will try a diff

I dont think the links to my pics are working, I will try a different method

i copy/pasted some links but not my own hair color








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I would recommend either

I would recommend either using Jasmine or Monsoon.  Monsoon would probably get you closer to what you are looking for and it is 100% safe to do over bleached hair.  The only thing I will say is there will be a color difference between your bleached part and your roots.  We have sample packets available for testing as well!! http://www.mehandi.com/shop/hairhenna.html

1) You can use orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, amla powder, citric acid powder.... no wines (it smells awful), coffee and tea aren't quite acidic enough, coconut milk is alkaline.

2) I would just apply it all over, rather than doing a mask to get the full benefits.  A mask isn't going to stick to the hair.

3) Henna by itself would be sufficient.

4) We don't advise putting oils in the mixtures. It can prevent the henna from sticking to the hair. 3

5) Henna itself is responsible for the shine.  Just 100% lawsonia inermis is perfect =D

5) Towel dried/dry hair is best.  You want the hair to be freshly shampooed (no conditioner) prior to application.


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