Amla on Henna

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Amla on Henna

I have seen several posts that say amla will dull or brown down the color of Henna.
I have been using henna for almost 30 years on thin, wimpy, hair that was originally blond and is now blond and gray. I have some wave, but need to perm to get curls.

I am wondering if amla would help retain the curl of the perm. But, I don't want to use it if it is going to dull the red color. I like the color really red.

Is there any difference to the color if you apply it separate from the henna? Thanks for sharing your experience



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I would recommend using amla

I would recommend using amla in your mixture!  You can always test a small amount to make sure that it won't hinder your color too much.  In fact amla with henna alone doesn't really take away from the red, it is usually when it is mixed with indigo that it does! =]

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