How to use Indigo with henna

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How to use Indigo with henna

Do I need to use hot water with indigo and leave it for 15min befor applying? I used the Henna-indigo mix for gray hair and it says nothing about hot water or leaving it in for 15min.   I have the mixture in my hair right now and will wash out in an hour.  I have an extra indigo package. Should I use it right after washing out the henna using hot water and leaving it for 15?   I want to make sure the gray's are all darkened.

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You won't need to use hot

You won't need to use hot water, you can use warm distilled water.  It does not need to sit at all, just be sure that it is mixed really well!  I would let the hair sit for 4 days or so to see the true color before doing anything else with it.  This is so the hair can oxidize fully.

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