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Henna Question

Hello Friends,

As some henna is absorbed via the scalp during the process, is it possible for the liver or kidneys to be taxed in some way?  If not, how does the body eliminate henna that is absorbed?



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The scalp does absorb the

The scalp does absorb the plant powders, but it is not at all harmful to the body.  It comes out in urine, which is why some people of have green urine after hennaing =]


You can find it in this section, towards the end:

Ancient Sunrise® Chapter 13
Henna and Your Health



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I'd sure rather have my scalp

I'd sure rather have my scalp absorb henna than bleach, ammonia, PPD, etc. I went to henna after using chemical hair dyes for years and getting horrible chemical sensitivities. I like knowing I'm not hurting myself anymore.

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