I want to intentionally TINT BALDING PATCHES ON MY SCALP!

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I want to intentionally TINT BALDING PATCHES ON MY SCALP!
HEY EVERYONE!! Has anyone tried henna on the scalp? I actually intentionally want to tint some spots on my scalp that have thinned and have peach fuzz due to medical treatment. But I'm looking to try to match my natural hair color, a medium brown with reddish golden tones. I'm not sure what to get and whether I'd be able to match my hair color or if I'd need to dye my whole head a new color. Should I use henna for hair or henna for body art and if so, can anyone recommend how to apply it or how long to leave it on? The balding from my medical treatments is stressful and I keep thinking this is a natural way to fix the issue! Thanks so much!
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You can always try doing

You can always try doing equal parts of henna and indigo, and adding a small amount of cassia into the mix for the golden tones in the medium brown mixture.  It won't really stain the scalp, but it can stain the hairs that are there.  Because the mixture has indigo in it, you will want to leave it on for about 3 hours.  All of Mehandi.com's Ancient Sunrise Henna is body art quality and can be used on the hair!  Keep in mind, that sometimes when the hair on the scalp is a little darker, it can enhance the appearance of the scalp.  I would say it is worth trying it, because it can help the little peach fuzz get a little stronger!!  There are samples available so you can test it.  http://www.mehandi.com/shop/hairsamples/

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