Hendigo for covering gray?

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Hendigo for covering gray?

I've done 100% henna on my hair approx. 4 times now. I like the shade of red that I get but I have a LOT of gray which it doesn't cover well, especially around my face and my part. I am considering splurging on some indigo to mix into the henna even though I do NOT want to depart drastically from the red tones. I wouldn't mind if it was a few shades darker red but I still def want the red tones to shine through. So I was thinking of trying 40% indigo to 60% henna for starters and see if I like that.

My question is, for those of you who use hendigo and who have gray hair, does it truly cover the gray better than henna alone? I live overseas and obtaining the indigo is possible but pricey and I don't want to spend the money if it's not going to work.


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Before you go a route you don

Before you go a route you don't go, are you sure you're using the right henna for gray coverage? Is it Rajasthani Twilight? I think that's the one being recommended right now for best gray coverage. If your henna doesn't have as much lawsone content as you can obtain, you may go to indigo unnecessarily. Also, I'm not sure indigo will bond with hair protein any better than henna does. It might just make the rest of your hair darker, where color does take, and leave your roots looking even more color contrasted from the rest of your hair. I'm strongly feeling a good henna can bond with your grays.

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