Henna hair didn't come out as expected, what do I do?

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Henna hair didn't come out as expected, what do I do?

Hi everyone, I'm new here and after reading this forum and the Henna for Hair page I decided to use henna on my own hair. My hair started as a natural dark blonde/light brown which had never been chemically treated or messed with before and I was hoping for a shade of natural looking red. I used Rajasthani Jasmine from the Mehandi site because it has a lower dye content so I thought that would help the colour to be more natural. I mixed 300g of that (I have long hair) with lemon juice and let it sit for 24 hours at room temperature. I then applied it to my hair and let it sit there for 3 hours. I was super excited to see the colour and when I washed it out I was surprised at how bright it was but knew that it would calm down in a few days as it oxidised, so I wasn't too worried. I'm on day 3 now and although my hair is slightly less neon orange it still have a radioactive looking glow in bright or natural light and the colour looks very fake. Think of Ariel from the little mermaid mixed with a traffic cone. I know that henna is permanent but is there any way I can tone down or alter the colour to make it more natural? Alternatively, what should I do differently next time?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!!!


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You can always go over it

You can always go over it again.. I would recommend checking out our acidic powders- I also recommend only letting it sit for 8-12 hours and leaving it on for 6 hours.



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