Help/advice for henna-ing chemically colored red hair.

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Help/advice for henna-ing chemically colored red hair.

Hiya everyone!

So here's my story... i henna-ed my hair for about 3 years from 2009-2012. Then i stopped and overtime, grew it out. I have been getting my hair colored red in the salon for the last few years. However, i really want to switch back to henna to save some money and do some good to my hair. Not to mention i miss the lovely color i got from henna, and i loathe that the color fades so much between colors from chemicals.

my question is: if i begin to henna it now, will the color be what it was when i used henna the first time, or will it be different because of all the chemical colors on my hair? i also have a few blonde streaks... how will this affect the color? thanks for the help!

pics of my hair when i used to do henna:

pics of hair now:


it's a bit lighter now than it appears in these photos, but you can see it's not as bright red as it was with henna. it's about the same shade as my natural light brown/auburn, but much redder (obviously). i only want to switch back to henna if i can get the same shade as before.

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Hi there, 

Hi there, 

I looked at your photos and you have beautiful hair! As far as your question is yes you can have the same color you had once that beautiful red you like but you are going to have to go through a bit to obtain it. The problem is that it is going to take more than one applicaiton and since your hair is blond in certain sections you are going to have a difference in color but there are two things that can happen. 

1. You can use straight henna on your hair and leave on for 3 hours to obtain the most color red out of it but you are still going to have the lighter sections a lighter color. Give this a try you may be surprised and see if you like it. Your blond sections will no doubt be red but probably sporting a copper red hue whle the red of your hair will be just red. 

The other thing you can do is if you can separate the blond sections and apply henna to those sections only ( I know tricky) then you can give those sections about an hour and a half before rinsing and then wait a few days to see the oxidized color before doing a whole head application. 

I probably would not mix with indigo since you want to keep your red a light vibrant red and indigo may darken those strands to a color you may not want. 

Good luck

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