Henna in the in between

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Henna in the in between

Have been using henna for four years now. When I first started I did whole head applications and obtained a rich red. Then I stopped and just started doing my roots I also began to use cassia to obtain a lighter shade of red. I have several grays and my hair after application looked like I had done full head highlights they were of the copper red color which was just lovely. 

However....My grays are not as many as I thought and since I stopped doing whole head applications and just the roots I have lost the red tint to the rest of my head. So currently my dark ash brown hair is sporting copper red highlights and no red hue. No good. 

I reflected upon this and I knew I had to do a whole head application but I did not want to go too dark. I have never had henna fade before but it seems that since I am mixing one part cassia to two parts henna it is not as lasting. Has anyone else ever experienced this? I know if I do a whole head application I will no dount end up with red but the idea was to not darken instead just deposit red. 

I also do not shampoo but rather use apple cider vinegar for clarification and coconut oil for conditioner. 

Any suggestions?

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You can try a Henna Gloss, to

You can try a Henna Gloss, to bring some red back into it without doing a full-head application.


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