Hello from a newbie! - and a question about greys

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Hello from a newbie! - and a question about greys

Hey everyone! Extreme newbie here :P  
Introduction first: my name is Jo, I'm 26 years-old and I have bra-strap length golden dark blond/light brown hair (which apparently is a cool new fashion called bronde O.o .. kids these days..). My hair is completely virgin: never been coloured or processed in any way and gets acquainted with the curling iron less than once every couple of months. I'm also no-poo and wash my hair with castile soap only (no conditioners or products of any kind, except maybe a little coconut oil once in a while). 
I'm also going prematurely grey -_- (thanks mom!). I've started noticing greys when I was 15 (!) and now I'm about 30% grey around my temples and 5% everywhere else. I have *really* white coarse and shiny greys that are obviously very noticeable.  
So I decided to give natural hair colour a try. After much investigating and quite a few strand tests, I decided on 95% cassia/5% henna, mixed with orange juice and left on my hair for 3 hours. The colour result? PRETTY. I really like it. And boy is it SHINNY. The problem? About of third of my greys (the finer ones) went with the groove and accepted the colour, the other (coarser, thicker, whiter) ones decide to stick it to the man (or girl, in this case) and continue to do their thing -__-  
Now I know what I could do to fix it: redye, redye, redye, until they cave and ask for mercy. But the thing is, I really like the colour on the rest of my hair and don't want to change it :\ So what should I do? Redye, but with more cassia in the mix? I'm really at a lost here.. I don't want to ruin my pretty colour, but I went into this to cover my greys and that was mostly unsuccessful... 
I apologise if this subject was already tackled elsewhere, but I didn't find anything that answered my questions, and honestly, I also wanted to chat with you guys here on the forum :) 
Thankful for anyone willing to put in their two cents! 


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Same question...

Hi Jo - I have very similar hair in terms of the nature of the gray, but mine is naturally ash brown (ick) and now with the onset of gray and the effects of aging, my head often looks like a messy cobweb! (double-ick!) So I was thinking of trying cassia like you did, but just don't quite know where to start.  I am very interested to hear the answer from the experts.  Do you have a picture? I'd love to see the color PRETTY!  Grins and smiles - Teresa

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Hi! :) 
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I would highly recommend

I would highly recommend doing a Rainwash Treatment: http://www.mehandi.com/shop/rainwash/index.html

Do this, then you should be able to use your castile soap.  The problem comes from natural mineral build up on the hair, it doesn't allow for the best uptake of the dye.

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Hi Jo ~ i find that to get my

Hi Jo ~ i find that to get my greys to accept the color i need to leave it on for at least 6 hours.  also did you get full dye release with your henna before you started.  i mix my henna with chamomile tea that has cooled down and let it dye release for 12 hours first.  i hope this helps.

 p.s. i know that you're very natural in your approach, but what was recommended to me here on the forum was to "rough up" those  stubborn greys by shampooing them with a dish soap (e.g. Dawn) right before applying henna.

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