Apply henna with paint brush

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Apply henna with paint brush

Hi everyone, 

I was wondering if some of you have tried applying henna with a brush intead of a cone or seringe? Do we also need to wrap the pattern when we're done? WOuld the stain be as strong as a paste? 


Thanks for the info :) 



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Painting with henna


Painting with henna is done, and would result in a similar technique as in this video:

It would be much more difficult to get smooth, thin lines, but does have a neat effect if that's what you're going for. The resulting stain may not be as dark if the henna is applied thinly. The thicker the application, the deeper the stain. You would still need to use a paste. thinning henna out doesn't really work well.

Wrapping is not necessary, and using hair spray is a good way to help seal the design. If you're worried about keeping the design on, or not getting henna crumbs everywhere (for example, if keeping a design on overnight) you can cover it with a breathable material like gauze, cotton, or soft paper, and keep it in place with medical tape. Plastic wrap and other non-breathable materials would not be good because moisture would stay trapped and the design may smear.

I hope I've answered your questions well! Feel free to respond with any more you may have.


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HI,  I do apply. Its very confortable, i have diferent sisez 

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