Reddish-Brown over Henna and Gray

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Reddish-Brown over Henna and Gray

I have been using a mostly henna(henna, cassia, & amla) mix on my hair, and have gray in the front & part of my hair. My natural color is mousey brown. What can I use to get reddish-brown results, instead of the red? I tried using mostly amla with some henna and a touch of cassia, which gave me a washed out looking color. I do not want to be darker, and I do not want burgundy.

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Adding indigo into the mix

Adding indigo into the mix will help achieve brown tones.

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it's difficult. Once upon a

it's difficult. Once upon a time after about 5 full henna's I added indigo to get it more brown.  Was hoping for warm dark brown. I did a 50/50 mix once and I also did a henna first and then a quick indigo over it and both times it came out super dark. pretty much black.  and in certain light I got that yes... dreaded burgundy.  (a beautiful color on some!) but not on me. The high dye content "raj twilight" is listed to be the most auburn over grey hair. And to me, auburn has a bit of brown in it. a little warmer and more natural looking than a cool "red" or burgundy. Perhaps you should cut out the cassia and just use the high dye content henna over your new growth /roots only. I'm a mousy brown too and will be going back to henna very soon with the twilight. My hair is much more grey now though so... we'll see how it goes. good luck!

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