Advice needed for optimal grey coverage - rich auburn brown mix needed

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Advice needed for optimal grey coverage - rich auburn brown mix needed

Sorry for the long post! I have a severe allergy to chemical hair dye, and I am thrilled to have the option of using henna for permanent color. When I first ordered via phone, to achieve a light-medium auburn brown, I was told to use 1 packet cassia, 1/2 packet henna, and 1/2 packet indigo. I have needed less but used the same ratios.

My natural hair is medium mousy brown with 60%-65% grey (mostly at my temples and top of head). I want to achieve a rich auburn brown but having difficulty the 3rd time around covering my grey roots. The grey turns pale gold at the temples and top of head. I would rather have it be uniform with the rest of the hair. Any ideas on changing the mix in order to achieve that? 

We do have hard water - (should I use dish soap and baking soda right before I apply the mix? I have not done this before).

What I am doing right now:

Ancient Sunrise Cassia - 1 

Ancient Sunrise Rajasthani Twightlight Henna 1/2 

Ancient Sunrise Zekhara Indigo 1/2

1. I mix the Cassia and Henna with straight lemon juice, cover, and let sit for 8 hours. 

2. I mix the Indigo with distilled water. (I mix with Cassia/Henna right away and use)

3. The first 2 times I used the mix - I did root to end, covered with plastic cap, and left on 5 hours.

4. The last time I used the mix - I did only roots, and I did not feel I got good coverage. I left on 5 hours. I also felt the color on the rest of the hair shaft looked faded. 

5. I feel my hair is more mousy than I would like. I would like to achieve a richer auburn brown. I just bought more cassia, henna, and indigo. I would be very grateful for hints at the ratios, mixing, and telling me if I should do roots only...or pull it through the ends to get the color I want. 

So essentially I would love advice on the follow:

Get rid of hard water minteral buildup first? Best method?

Correct ratios to achieve a rich auburn brown (medium) and mixing instructions. Doable in 1 step application?

How long to leave on?

Could I apply to roots for 3 hours and then pull through to ends for a few more hours (what would be the possible outcome?

Thank you for your time and advice!

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We have a product called Rainwash which you can apply to your hair and rinse out before dyeing, and it dissolves mineral buildup!

As for a rich auburn brown, I'd cut out the cassia and do a straight 1/2 and 1/2 henna/indigo mix, leaving it on for no more than 3 hours. Do a full application first, and then in the future you could do just roots and then a gloss (mix paste with equal parts conditioner) to brighten up the length.

Hope this helps!


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1) Remove Cassia from the mix

1) Remove Cassia from the mix
2) Lower indigo level

I would recommend doing a mix of 2/3 Twilight Henna and 1/3 Indigo.
I would also recommend using Malluma Kristalovino in the henna.  This can help enrich Auburn

To remove mineral build up- we recommend Rainwash:

3 to 4 hours is sufficient time.  The hard water can cause the plant
powders to not stick so well.

You could do your roots for 2.5 hours and pull it through for the last
hour and a half on the ends.
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