Any Natural Redheads Gone Dark Brown with Henna?

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Any Natural Redheads Gone Dark Brown with Henna?

Hi everyone! I'm new here and looking for advice on dyeing my hair with henna for the first time :)

I have naturally red hair, and would like to acheive a dark chocolate brown color. I used to dye it in the past with chemicals, but stopped when I got pregnant with my daughter last year. My hair is now fully grown out, but she's 7 months old now and I stopped breastfeeding last month. My hair started to thin and fall out almost immediately, and it looks awful!! I really want to dye it dark again and cut it all off into my old pixie-style cut, but I've never used henna before and am a little nervous.

I ordered a dark brown mix online from the Henna Hut, but am a little nervous to try it. Has anyone with red hair gone darker with henna before?

Here's a recent photo that shows my true hair color......

Thanks for your help!! :)

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Re: Any Natural Redheads Gone Dark Brown with Henna?

We can advise you about using individual plant dyes and in general, there is no problem going darker from a lighter hair color like yours ...  but the product you mention is premixed and that's something we don't discuss here. They have their own forum/blog where you can discuss their products :)

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