Henna Indigo help

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Henna Indigo help


I am a new user, and tried a henna indigo mix for the first this past weekend.  Although the color turned out okay, I got very sick during the process.  Severe headache and vomitting.  After process was complete I ended up sick in bed for 4 hours.

Obviviously I am not sure I want to put myself through that again.  

My concern is not that I have done Henna and Indigo can I return to chemical dying?  I seen the pictures of green slime hair and I am very concerned.

Please help with options especially to cover my grey roots as they grow in.

Many thanks!







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That depends on what products

That depends on what products you were using prior. With our products, we lab test to ensure the purity, and that's okay. With other companies, I am unable to say.

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