Hiding the grey : going darker or going lighter??

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Hiding the grey : going darker or going lighter??

Hello every one!

I've been using henna on its own for many years now, and i always loved it... but unfortunately, more and more grey are beginning to cover  the top of my head (I' only 24!), and, of course, the grey tend to be very red with the henna whereas the rest of my hair is a dark brown. Realizing this, two very different ideas came to my mind : the first, and the most obvious one, was to add indigo to my hair routine in order to darken the grey. The second idea was a bit more audacious : instead of trying to darken my grey, why wouldn't I try to lighten my hair a bit before doing henna, so the general color would not be brown anymore but a deep red, and so the previously-grey-red hair would blend in more easily ?? If any one has any piece of advice and/or had experienced one of the two ideas I just put forward, I would really like to read it !

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You could do either one! You

You could do either one! You could always try lightening up first, and be a redhead, and if you didn't like it so much, do a henna/indigo mixture.  It is harder to lighten up hair once you go to a darker color ;)

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