Henna for Hair Fire Kit; Should I use it?

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Henna for Hair Fire Kit; Should I use it?

Hi there. I've been using Henna for the past three years or so to dye my hair. I usually order the Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair Kit: Red, and it turns my hair a bright orangey red color that oxidizes to a redder red after a couple of days. However, I've always wanted to achieve a lighter shade of red, and I notice that this "Fire" kit contains 100g of henna and 100g of cassia. I know that it's near impossible to go lighter with henna, but if I were to use this kit instead of 200g of henna powder, would I achieve a lighter shade? I naturally have mousy brown hair.

Also, if I do use this cassia/henna mix, should I purchase Rainwater to help prevent it from turning a weird color? I live in Ohio and I suppose we have hard water in comparison to the rest of the U.S.

I've included pictures of what my hair looked like before it faded out, my natural roots, and the desireable color:





Thanks in advance! If it's not doable without having to use bleach or lightened by a professional, then I'll just stick to my normal routine.

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Fire kit


The Fire kit will definitely result in a brighter more orangey red, like in the third pic you posted. If your hair is currently darker than that, the roots will be the orangey color and the length may be darker, but the cassia will still lend a golden tone to the length. You can henna over lightened hair, if you want to lighten the length a bit to match the roots better.

It's always good to do a rainwash before henna/cassia, just to ensure the best color.


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