How do I get to ash blonde after coloring with henna?

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How do I get to ash blonde after coloring with henna?

I have been coloring with BAQ red henna for some time now and I love it however I have to do it every 2 weeks to keep very gray roots from making me look like a skunk. The time investment to do this is becoming tiresome and I am considering going ash blonde. See: for what that looks like. I cannot stress enough that I am NOT aiming for any shade of brown or gold or yellow blonde!

Question do I get from THIS to THAT? I spoke to my hairdresser. He said the way to do that would be to do lighter red highlights and each time highlights are done to go lighter and lighter. Makes sense but while he did a strip test to see if the henna could be stripped from my hair and it worked, I don't really want to go back to using chemicals nor to I have the money that this would require. 

I'm wondering if anyone has attempted something this drastic before and achieved satisfactory results by using any combo of henna/indigo/cassia and if so what the ratio of those was? What do you do when you're "done" with red henna? Just have to suffer through the gray growing out? Or......?

Any tips appreciated.




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Ash blonde


If you have only henna (no indigo) in your hair, you can lighten it, but going to this bright of a tone would take a considerable amount of lightening and toning.

You could, as your hairdresser suggested, gradually grow your hair out and lighten with highlights. As far as I understand, it would be very difficult to get that shade through any combination of cassia, henna, and indigo, as cassia is a golden tone. Cassia with a small amount of equal portions henna and indigo may lend toward a more neutral tone, like the 'warm, dark blonde" of the chai kit.

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