Another Hendigo on gray roots question (not a newbie)

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Another Hendigo on gray roots question (not a newbie)

I’m having a hard time covering up my gray roots with hendigo and could use advice.  I have such poor uptake now that I even do straight henna first. 

My current process is:


Dish soap

Henna with 25% Alma for 3 hrs

Indigo with salt and 25% Henna for 3 hrs

I just cannot get a very dark brown.  I don’t have enough time in the day to do 6hrs henna then 3hrs hendigo.  I have tried sleeping in henna, then doing hendigo in the morn, but my scalp is miserable being damp that long (really sensitive skin).  To be honest it wasn’t as good as I had hoped anyways.

I’m afraid to try a true two step as I don’t want black.  Could I do a quick straight indigo to avoid not going true black but a dark brown?  Or could I do 6hrs of henna on a Saturday (allowing it to my scalp to dry), then do my hendigo on Sunday morn?  Or does the hendigo need to be closer to the henna application to work the best?

I used to be able to do one application of hendigo (without the henna primer) and have it be perfect every time on my gray roots.  I must be going very gray rapidly, but I am a low maintenance person and my roots grow fast.  

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Resistant grays


First, it sounds like you're doing everything right, and that your hair is just particularly resistant. You can do the second part of a 2-step within about 24 hours of the henna, if you don't want to do it all in one day.

You could try doing a true 2-step with the indigo on for a short amount of time. Start with maybe 30 minutes and wipe off a small section to check the color. If you have very resistant grays, a 2-step may not result in full black anyway.

The only other suggestion I'd have is if you don't already, apply some gentle heat to the henna or hendigo while it's on your head. Sometimes that helps the hair take in more dye.


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