First time using henna!

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First time using henna!

im fed up of messing around with my hair! 

I've been very colour , at the moment I have gingery, light brown roots with darker brown and ginger plus a bit of old pink at the bottom and loads of white hair coming through!

ive used colour b4 last week aswell to get it lighter but it's gone back dark. 

Ive bought henna block from lush I think cacao rouge . Will it take over my hair? Will it cover grey? 

I'm scared of using Incase I don't like it or it goes too dark as I hate my hair dark ! And can't change it then! 

If I were to do a test strand how do I do it? 

Thanks in advance xx

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We aren't able to give advice about brands other than Ancient Sunrise, and I don't know how the results would be as far as coverage or color. What color do you want as a result? I can help you choose a better option with one of our pure henna powders. Our twilight henna does great coverage on grays and turns them a warm, coppery auburn.


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