What to do when indigo fades?

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What to do when indigo fades?

So I just henna/indigo'd (with amla) for the first time Monday night, and I'm absolutely in love with it. But upon further reading I've learned that indigo can fade from the hair, and what I'm having a hard time understanding is what to do when the indigo fades? Do I do a complete re-application of henna and indigo and amla? or just a single application of indigo? Also what is a henna gloss, and what is it for? I don't like the idea of re-applying the complete procedure because I know layers build up and become darker and I don't want that. I want to keep the color I have now with the indigo, henna, and amla. I like the amla because it makes my hair a cooler color when indoor lighting is used but in flourescant lights and sunshine it has this beautiful red hue above the dark brown. My hair color is naturally very dark almost black cool toned brown, and I know I'll have to do re-applications to the roots but upkeep is a bit confusing to me. I've heard the shine stays in your hair which is awesome because the way my hair is, I'm so in love with it! So thats why I'm worried about what to do when the indigo fades, because I don't want just red henna, I love the coolness of amla and the dark color indigo makes my hair when combined with the other two.

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Try doing an indigo gloss, which is 2 tsp indigo powder mixed into a paste with a bit of water, then stirred into 1/4 cup conditioner. Apply to the hair and leave in for 15-20 minutes to darken up the overall tone.

You can also do a gloss with the normal mix you use. Just make a small amount of the mix as you would normally do, with the proportions kept the same, and then mix with conditioner. Henna glosses should be left in for more like 1-2 hours.

I would recommend trying the indigo gloss to see if that works well enough for you, because normally the henna doesn't fade much from your hair, and it's just the indigo that needs to be updated once in a while.

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