making my gray into blonde highlights

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making my gray into blonde highlights

I posted a question & didn't get a lot of response, probably it was too wordy.

My hair is coming in after chemo. After a disatrous attempt at "light brown henna" bought in the store I covered with brown boxed dye (red still showing) I can't patch test with my hair less than 1" long, but I was testing on the "roots," short as they are, underneath the colored brown/red.

I first attempted Cassia alone (with 25g amla) to cover my grays & make them like blonde highlights. Very few grays picked up the gold color. I tried 2 applications, slept in one of them.

Then I tried 100g Cassia + 1 tsp henna (and 25g nightfall rose) and I got more gold on my grays but it was not all covered & the color made it look like gold-gray hair.

Then I tried 100g Cassia + 2tsp henna + 1/2-1 tsp indigo (with 25g amla) - and I think I have acheived the right color blonde on my grays. I'll know for sure as it gows out & I do it again & can see the results better.

I'm sharing because it might assist someone in trying to find the right blend, especially someone like me who doesn't have enough hair to test a sample.

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Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you for the recipe! I

Thank you for the recipe! I am trying this right now. :)

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