With cassia from henna-red to blonde?

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With cassia from henna-red to blonde?

I have used henna for few years and now I would like to go more close to my own colour which is quite blond. Now the colour is natural orange/red.

What happens if I use cassia? Whar effect is if I add camomilla and/or lemon? Can I get more blond hair with cassia or does is affect only for the roots?


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Cassia is a faint translucent golden dye, so it does not lighten the color you currently have. It would show up on your roots, but the hennaed hair would most likely stay the same, or take on a slight golden tone. You can use chemical lighteners on henna to achieve blonde highlights that blend with your roots as they grow out, or you can gradually switch to a cassia/henna mix, increasing the cassia and decreasing the henna as your hair grows out.

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